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Arbor Health Plan’s contract with the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) ended on December 31, 2016. Therefore, Arbor is no longer providing member services. For more information, please call the Heritage Health contact number at 1-888-255-2605.

However, if you have general questions about a health care claim or an appeal on a denied claim that was incurred prior to 12/31/16, please call Arbor Health Plan Member Services at 1-866-935-6760.

If you have questions regarding the selection of a new health plan or enrollment, please contact DHHS.

Nebraska Medicaid Enrollment Center: 1-888-255-2605
Nebraska Medicaid Enrollment Center (Lincoln area): 1-402-473-7000
Medicaid Medical Eligibility Inquiry Line: 1-855-632-7633

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